Websites designed by NooZu

The most important consideration when having a website built should always be your customers. Many websites fail to keep focus on this basic rule; how many times have you visited a website… not found what you’re looking for… and left within about 2 seconds? The main reason for this is the designers failed to present the information you were looking for in front of you. NooZu designers are experienced in breaking your business down into simple bite-sized blocks of information making your website easier to navigate and providing your visitors with a better and more relevant experience when visiting your website.

Local website designers will tell you the first thing to consider when looking into having a website built is the matter of what you want your web site to do for your business. Whether you’re planning to sell your products or services online or just create a basic web presence for your company NooZu can advise you on; and provide you with any design and hosting services you may require.

Here at NooZu you can get a bespoke website for a fixed (one off price) or  check out our packages below.


£ 97
Per Yearly
  • 1 x Domain Name ( or .com)
  • 12 months web hosting
  • 2 email address
  • 5 page website
  • Bespoke design website
  • Basic Search Engine Optimisation
  • Updated your website at anytime
  • Email Support


£ 157
Per Year
  • 1 x Domain Name ( or .com)​
  • 12 months web hosting
  • 5 email address
  • 10 page website​
  • Bespoke design website
  • Enhanced Search Engine optimisation
  • Update your website at anytime
  • Email and Phone support


£ 265
Per Year
  • 2 domain names ( or .com)
  • 12 months web hosting
  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited pages
  • Shoping cart (if required)
  • Monthly Search Engine Optimisation
  • Update your website at anytime
  • Dedicated accounts manager

This usually the first question we get asked by customers and the answer will always differ from site-to-site. Depending on your requirements we can usually find a solution to suit your budget. A detailed breakdown of costs will always be provided and agreed upon before any work commences on your website.

As much as possible is the simple answer; you’re the expert on your business, the more information you can provide us with… the more accurate we can make your website. Brochures and pictures are usually a good start.

Yes… making external hyperlinks to other websites is not a problem although it’s a good idea to get permission from the owner of the site as a matter of courtesy.

No… websites are held on internet web-servers, not your own computer. To receive Email or to take advantage or our Customer Build Area you will need access to a computer with an internet connection.

Yes… our customer build area provides you with a secure environment to view your website, send messages to your web designer, and to check for messages from your web designer. The customer build area is password protected to prevent unauthorised access.

Our unique Content Managed System allows our customers to become their own web masters with little or no knowledge of the web. For a one-off build/setup fee you can take full control of the textual content of your website without having to call a web designer every time you want to update your website.

Your CMS website can be changed or updated by any authorised user via any computer with internet access within the bounds of your CMS framework.

Yes… because we hand-code the majority of our CMS framework scripts a CMS site can be customised to meet with almost any specific requirement you may have. Whether you want to be able to change an entire website or just a small area of the site CMS really can save you allot of time and money.